Pompeii PIZZA Tour of Naples with Sfogliatella


Visit Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a local guide. Enter into the alleys, walk on the Decumani and listen to the story of the Ancient city, from the first Greek domination to the development of the Neapolitan culture – unique in the world. While walking, enjoy a typical Sfogliatella and a pizza a Portafoglio – the “wallet pizza”!
Join this guided walking tour of Naples, and your guide will provide you an introduction to the story of the city.

What you will realize, is the passion that Neapolitans feel for their native soil, a bond developed in the centuries, that lasted the different domination, wars and diseases. It is a real feeling of belonging. Your guide will help you getting in touch with this culture, leading you into the streets of the historical centre, and showing you places that have become symbols of Naples.
You will meet your guide in Piazza Dante, by the Dante’s statue in the middle of the square. You will then move to Port’Alba, one of the ancient doors to the core of the Greek urban settlement. Walking on via dei Tribunali you will reach the Agora’ – also known as the Forum in Roman times – the main square, where all the aspects of the life melted together – from the private to the religious ones.

You will then stop to have a Pizza a Portafoglio, and keep on discovering the streets and the alleys of the city. Passing in San Gregorio Armeno you will reach Spaccanapoli, walking in piazzetta Nilo, piazza san Domenico Maggiore, reaching Palazzo Venezia, and ending in Piazza del Gesu’ Nuovo, where you will see two churches: the gothic Santa Chiara Monastery and the New Jesus Church. You will surely love the story of the façade, and the mystery hidden behind the black diamond stones.

Your guide will even stop to allow you a break and offer you a Sfogliatella, the queen of the Neapolitan pastries.

You will then move ahead to Piazza Municipio, where you will see the Maschio Angioino (New Castle), French symbol of Naples capital of the South Italy Kingdom, and your tour will end in piazza del Plebiscito – from where you can enjoy a lovely walk on the seaside.

You will surely love this tour!